Why did we develop CeeMee

Why are 18,700 NZ farmers a year injured on the job?

In 2012 ACC reports there were four fatalities and 67 serious harm injuries due to farm workers colliding with temporary race fences. Each year there are 18,700 New Zealand farmers injured on the job. That is about one every 28 minutes. Work Safe New Zealand estimate the industry grossly under reports work place injury by up to 80%


Temporary race tapes are in effect short sections of electric fence tape with the same plastic handle. The tape quickly gets dirty from dragging in the dirt, it gets tangled and knotted easily, the handle detaches seemingly at will allowing cattle to escape.

Wind twists the tape into a tight garrotte like rope making it an almost invisible in bad weather and at night.

The inspiration for CEE-MEE was provided to a local Waikato dairy farmer after he rode into three different temporary fences on the same day, the last just on dusk, pealing the skin from his forearm, chest, neck and face.

The following week two farm hands and the next door neighbour suffered a similar fate.
Neil spent the next few weeks locked in his shed building a prototype from used drench bottles, rubber, wire and rivets before contacting us to commercialise the concept.

While we intimately understand the rural marketplace, the need and the environment, the project had so many conflicting constraints that even after weeks of evaluation, the project seamed like a long shot.