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Hose Buoy

$57.00 NZD

Effluent hose marker

Hose Buoys make effluent pipes visible to employees and contractors from a distance – minimising the risk of a vehicle and or employee incident with unseen effluent pipes causing employee time off, rehabilitation and or machinery down time.

Made from polyaniline, a durable textile similar to that of an effluent hose pipe, Hose Buoys are designed for daily wear and built to last. They are manufactured to handle being run over by common light farm machinery and dragged over any farm surface. The combination of highly visible textiles and ideal mould size allows Hose Buoys to be visible from afar.

The distinctive oval design allows for easy and faster towing, as the smoothed round surface is unable to be caught or snagged on farming equipment or materials, including gateway posts, troughs and machinery. CeeMee recommends Hose Buoys to be fixed to effluent pipes at 25-30 meter intervals and near the camlocks for the most effective results and camlock protection. Damage to camlocks is expensive to repair and is caused by towing the effluent hose and being run over. Hose Buoys protect the camlock by lifting them off the ground and serving as a safeguard while towing. Making the hose connections visible to those driving machinery minimises the likelihood of camlocks being damaged.

CeeMee designed this product easy to assemble and to allow for non-slip hold once fixed in place. Available to fit 63mmOD and 75mmOD effluent pipes and a variety of visible colours.

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