Hoof Haven Foot Bath

$1,700.00 NZD

Footbath to minimise lameness

With lameness being a major issue for New Zealand farmers the Hoof Haven was designed to act as a preventative and treatment measure to hoof rot, heel erosion and bacterial infections (i.e. digital dermatitis), all of which lead to lameness.

The Hoof Haven Frame:
The Hoof Haven is designed to sit above ground level, as research shows animals prefer to step up on to something rather than stepping down into an unknown depth. The robust frame is 2300 (l) x 900 (w) x 80 (d) mm and is made of galvanised steel, which has a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting. The weight of the steel inhibits any form of movement which is fundamental when animals are passing through it.

The Hoof Haven Mat:
The frame fits a specialised double skin mat securely which allows for both sides being used has cutting edge stitching to minimise movement when in use. The Hoof haven mat is made of permeable foam which allows the solution to pass through the mat skin and soak into the hoof while minimising contamination.

How it works:
The Hoof Haven features both entrance and exit ramps to allow cattle to move seamlessly into and out of the footbath. The slight step down onto the mat helps to spread the toes, allowing the solution within the mat to penetrate deeply into the inner surface of the hoof which is most susceptible to bacterial infections. In addition, this movement also helps remove any lodged stones or debris stuck between the toes, which if left situated within the hoof can lead to embedded debris and cause lameness.
Prevention regimens are most effective when incorporated into the normal route for cows, therefore the Hoof Haven is designed to fit within milking shed bails. We recommend the Hoof Haven to be located in the entrance to the milking shed bail to allow the chemicals within the solution to soak into the hoof during the milking process.

Reap the benefits by installing the Hoof Haven before winter to minimise the environmental effects on lameness – such as poor track conditions, caused by wet weather, increasing the likelihood of stones to lodge between the toes and damage the white line of the hoof. Moreover, wet conditions are optimal for the development of foot rot and unfortunately cows with current hoof damage worsen in wet conditions as the wet weather softens and weakens the horn.

• Hoof Haven foot bath frame and mat (NZD $1,700)
• Hoof Haven foot bath frame (NZD $1,350)
• Hoof Haven foot bath math (NZD $460)

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