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Click, Bracket & Stacker Bundle

$277.00$307.00 NZD

The complete expandable temporary barrier bundle

Click – an expandable temporary barrier

Secure off any entrance or exit to a workshop or no go areas effortlessly with CeeMee’s expandable barrier. The Click is a highly visible alternative to standard security tapes and chains with its unique zig zag design, 75mm depth and highly visible colour options. Simply expand the Click across the designated area and fix it to the wall mounted bracket. When not in use the Click retracts to a fraction of its expanded size, making it practical for transporting, and fits securely into the Click stacker until needed again.
With specifically designed handles providing a quick lock feature once hooked in place preventing them to release on their own, padlock loop for extra security and non-slip design for use in all weather conditions. Made from a mixture of nylon glass and UV resistant plastic, this product is designed to last.

It is available in six highly visible colours and four varying lengths to cover a range of distances between 5.8 and 7.8 meters.

A pair of Ceemee Wall Brackets – secure wall brackets for Click handles to fasten to

Industrial doorways and common no-go areas require secure barrier equipment to restrict entry to hazardous areas. CeeMee developed the Click Bracket to remove any obstruction Click may pose near roller doors and as a convenient and easy latch for Clicks. The Click secure wall brackets are made of 5mm mild galvanised steel and sit 180mm from the wall. For extra security, Click can be padlocked to the bracket. Brackets are sold in pairs.

A Click Stacker – Stores Click in a convenient location ready for use

In the industrial and workshop setting, hazards are everywhere. CeeMee has designed the Click stacker to double as a storage box for Click when not in use but also as a bracket for Click to be fastened to when extended. This ensures Click is not a hazard at any time and is stored in a convenient place ready for use. Made of aluminum steel, the Click stacker fastens to the wall and is designed to last with daily use.

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Ceemee is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We aim to provide quality products to reduce hazard risks and make life easier throughout the farming and industrial industries. We also ship across NZ.


Guiding Lifestock
The safest replacement for race tape, section off your race and remove any possible injuries from employees riding through near-invisible race tape.

Decrease chances of injury
A CeeMee Click has a much greater visibility than standard race tape, which will save injuries to your valuable staff.


Customer Safety
Block off areas so the public are aware of unsafe areas and know not to cross. Workshop doorways/openings can easily and quickly be blocked off.

Increased Sales
Safely direct customers to the retail section of your business to increase foot traffic and sales.


Public Safety
The ultimate in reusable crowd control, used as an expandable temporary barrier to prevent the public crossing into the path of competitors.

Increased brand awareness
Customise your click with your colours or logos to create a more interesting brand proposition for potential sponsors.