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75mm Hose buoy

$90.00 NZD

Therefore not only making the effluent pipe visible in the paddock from a distance. The Hose Buoys make it easier to tow. Won’t get hooked on posts and other things due to its shape

buoys placed close to Camlocks, saves on damage when been towed as hose buoys hit the gateways and posts, and the Camlocks are off the ground. Also making where the Camlocks (connections in the effluent pipes are.) So making them more visible to contractors, fertiliser spreaders. Not just the on farm employees.

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Health and Safety is about people.
Is it worth the risk?
Of hitting the effluent pipes. Not very often is the outcome Not in the Pipes favour.
We now make  75mm buoy. Fits 75mm effluent drag pipe

Accidents Big Or Small, Avoid Them All